Student Safety & Campus Security

Our top priority, safe and happy students

The student pick-up and drop-off point is located near the Service Office just outside of the electronic gates which secure the school's interior walkway. With safety as our ultimate priority, the building's design minimizes the risk of intruders entering and the chance of our students wandering outside on their own as well. We maintain a 24/7 security team, which provides everyone with a sense of comfort knowing that we are well looked after. 

Our security team also organizes various safety demonstrations, drills, and trainings to keep faculty and students up-to-date on our safety procedures; these include, CPR, fire drill, intruder drill, and power outage procedure.

World-Class Cuisine

Delicious, Nutritious, & Locally-Sourced

Our school meal menu is proudly managed  by Ajarn Mallika and Mallika Interfood Ltd. with an intense focus on the nutritional quality of each meal that we serve to our students and faculty. Our menu includes cuisines ranging from traditional Thai and American favourites to Italian and even Mexican dishes as well. Thanks to our student-run Agriculture & Gardening program, we also source some of our own vegetables from right here on the TIS campus. 

Young Explorer Space

Expanding student horizons through digital mediums

As a unique and modern twist on the traditional school library, our Young Explorer Space fosters students creativity and world discovery through the use of various specifically-designed stations throughout the abstract and stimulating venue. From space and marine exploration to dinosaurs and ancient cultures,  our "library" brings together traditional curricula and modern technology. Teachers also bring their students to the Young Explorer Space to watch documentaries and experiment with robotics during their normal  class time. 


Health & Hygiene

Proactive & Preventative

We take tremendous pride in our approach toward fostering healthy and happy students. Through the efforts of our full-time school nurse and her use of our on-site and fully-equipped First-Aid Room, we are able to provide medical examination and treatment to students and staff. Our Nurse coordinates and facilitates various projects spanning the entire duration of the school year, such as the 7-step hand-washing method, teeth-brushing project, cold and flu prevention, and many more. We believe that healthy students are happy students, and it's our shared responsibility to teach our young ones to care for themselves through proper hygiene, nutrition, and safety.


Sports Facilities

State-of-the-Art, Age Appropriate

Our sports facilities are specifically-designed to accommodate the needs of our young students. Sporting facilities include the all-ages football pitch, 2 tennis courts, 2 sea salt swimming pools, a basketball court, and top-quality rubber running tracks. These areas provide space for students of any grade level to stay active, be healthy, and practice their athletics skills.



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