The highest academic standards and best practices combined with Thai cultural values create world-class global citizens and leaders for a Thailand with a bright future

Our objectives and educational goals are in accordance with the Naturalism Philosophy, Educational Philosophy of Pragmatism, Social Democratic Philosophy, Intellectual Development, and Child Psychology Development. All of these are integrated appropriately with the standards of the American Common Core Curriculum Standards from Pre-School to High School.

The main areas of emphasis aim at the fundamental growth and development of each child, such as Physical and Mental Health and Hygiene, Competency and Personality, Self-control both physically and emotionally, and Life and Social Skills. 

The essential areas of emphasis aim to allow children the potential to pursue higher education and future careers in areas such as Language and Mathematics, Social Culture, History, Geography, Science, Natural Environment, Technology, and Arts and Career Education.

We use an outstanding curriculum that s different from other curricula used in Thailand. Our distinctive content area curriculums are used to develop students' language skills, psychomotor skills, and lead them to future careers. 

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